Have you fallen or do you know someone who has?



Have you fallen or do you know someone who has?

Many people think falling is a normal part of aging – this is not necessarily true.  Falling can create a fear of doing even simple tasks, such as taking a shower, walking to the local shop, or attending a local social event.

If you’ve had a fall, or are worried about falling, what can you do about it?

Try to find out why you might have fallen:

  • Tell your GP. Get an ‘MOT’. Did you know that taking more than 4 medicines increases your risk of falling?
  • Do you struggle to get out of a chair or bed?
  • Are you dizzy getting out of bed or chair?
  • Do you have Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or have you had a stroke?
  • Do you have arthritis or joint replacements?
  • Do you have diabetes?

Things that can help improve your balance:

  • Avoid sitting for too long. Get up every 30-60 minutes. Try marching.
  • Don’t be embarrassed, consider using a walking aid.
  • Consider joining a local exercise group. Tai Chi, yoga, pilates, all improve balance with so many other health benefits too.
  • Fall-proof your home: Have good lighting, leave a small light on at night for trips to the bathroom. Tape down or remove rugs.

Physiotherapy improves physical and mental health, reduces dependency and supports people in the process of taking control of their lifestyle with professional guidance. It helps people to stay active and prevent further falls, illness and injury.

Want to know more?

Book an assessment with me for specialist physiotherapy input. I work at FEET (etc), 76 Derby Road, Stapleford, Nottingham, NG9 7AB

0115 9399679

I hope to see you soon.
Esther Turner BSc MCSP SRP HCPC Registered

Holistic Physiotherapy

See their businesses listing here for contact details, opening times and directions.

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