Hanging Baskets in Stapleford Town Centre

Following the Stapleford Town Council’s decision to stop funding the hanging baskets in the town centre, several businesses have asked whether it could be funded by themselves.

However, it would take the support of the whole town centre to achieve this. So the Stapleford Town Team would like to know, can the local businesses help?

Without contributions from businesses in the town centre, the hanging baskets would have to be cancelled for this year. Any donations would be fantastic and the team have pledged to do their best to ensure that the contributions made will be reflected in the placement of the hanging baskets.

The team have negotiated a special rate with a contractor, which will expire shortly and the further delayed installation of hanging baskets would make them uneconomical for the year.

The deadline for responses from businesses is Monday 16th May 2016, when the Town Team will know more about whether hanging baskets can be installed for 2016.