Project One: Cycle Infrastructure

After extensive consultation with residents, businesses and other stakeholders, our master planning team have put together three proposed projects. More information on Project 1: Cycle Infrastructure can be found below.

Project Overview

To reduce usage of cars within Stapleford and to encourage the greater use of sustainable transport, we propose to improve and add to the town’s existing cycle infrastructure.

The core plans include:

  • Connecting Stapleford to the National Cycle Network 67,
  • Enhance/provide new cycle facilities in the town such as secure bike parking,
  • Implement signage/wayfinding around the town to improve awareness of cycle routes,
  • Implement a Cycle Network Route that connects the northern and southern fringes of the Stapleford to the Town Centre,
  • Connect Stapleford to Toton Tram station and the future East Midlands Hub Station.

Feedback on the project proposal

To facilitate ideas generation and ensure people have the opportunity to continuously feed into their respective Town Deal process, the Government launched the #MyTown campaign.

The campaign utilises an online MyTowns portal for all stakeholders to access and leave their feedback.

You can leave your feedback via the link –