Stapleford Town Deal: Consultation

Consultation Round One

For the first phase of the Town Deal consultation, the Executive Board asked residents, workers and local businesses from Stapleford to think about ways to improve the area.

The consultation asked that suggestions were not limited to the town centre area and instead considered improvements the whole of Stapleford.

Where it was possible, respondents were asked to align their suggestions to at least one of the three Town Fund objectives. These objectives are:

  1. urban regeneration, planning and land use,
  2. skills and enterprise infrastructure and
  3. connectivity

Consultation Round Two

The second phase of the Town Deal consultation plans asked residents, workers and local businesses from Stapleford and the wider area to comment on the ideas generated through the masterplanning exercise, which was carried out over the last few months.

This took in to account the consultation at the beginning of the process as well as input from both the Executive and Stakeholder boards.

After extensive consultation with residents, businesses and other stakeholders, our master planning team have put together three proposed projects.

More information on each project can be found by clicking below:

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